Why Homestead Foods?

We understand choosing a brand and company to trust with your daily needs and well being can be very hard. Here at Homestead Foods we believe in quality over quantity. We work with our hearts. Homestead Foods has been around since 2016. Since day one, we have worked together as a family wholeheartedly and put our customer needs first. Our passion to satisfy our customers inspires us everyday to work harder, deliver the best products possible and improve our products to the best of our ability. 

Let’s talk about our products. We collect all our products from the local family owned farms and farmers who put all their love, sweat and hard work into making the best quality products possible. Rest assured, there is absolutely no doubt about the freshness and richness in our products. Every product we pick and choose are evaluated, tested and cleaned exclusively for our customers and families around. We have built a reputation based on the quality of our products. Our inventory is filled with award winning cheeses. Homestead Foods products are Grade A certified and Pa Preferred.

We are grateful you have taken the time to read a little about us, our customer service, and the quality of our products. Choose us. Choose homestead foods. You’ll be choosing a company who works vigorously daily to improve the quality of their products and puts their customers satisfaction above all.


Our happy customers

« Homestead supplied the best yogurt for our stores. Fresh, taste great and on time delivery. Thank you for providing the best service and always get back to us quickly when needed »

Pleasant Valley CS Owner

« Best cheese products and beautiful product presentation compare to the other brands. Long list of product variety to choose from. Thank you for providing the best customer service and very caring »

Green Ridge Manager Of Deli

« Always provides the fresh dairy products for our stores and delivery timeline beats the competition. Absolutely one of best distributors I have ever worked with, totally frustration free! »

Granny's Discount Groceries Owner
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